Our Hospital History


       As ‘The most Modern Hospital ib The Balkans’ our hospital started its missions on January16,1960.It was established on area of around 28.604 m.We have 507 Patients beds with 273 Specialist and 200 Residents in our hospital.

      The unification of health services, which has been spoken since the 1970s, but which nobody has dared to practice, under one roof, takes place on February 19, 2005 as part of Health Transformation. The name of the hospital transferred to the Ministry of Health has been changed to "Ministry of Health Istanbul Training and Research Hospital". In 2004, Prof.Dr. Özgür YİĞİT enters a self-sacrificing and diligent work to move the service flag further.      

In accordance with the Ministry of Health Legislation, the "Patient Rights Unit" is established and the interferences are started to be interrupted immediately during the service provided for patients and their relatives.       

With the Decree on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and Affiliated Institutions, which entered into force on November 2, 2012, we are hospitalized, T.C. Ministry of Health Turkey Public Hospitals Institution Istanbul Provincial Fatih Public Hospitals Union General Secretariat Istanbul Education and Research Hospital has received the name.   

Istanbul Training and Research Hospital continues its path with pride of being one of the most important and modern hospitals with its vision of being "Turkey's best hospital".

In this process, in June 2014, ENT Clinic was accredited by the Turkish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery..

Again, our hospital is eligible for the HIMSS Stage 6 accreditation certificate in 2016. The modernity of the technology and equipments used in the hospital, which is aimed at constantly renewing, growing and developing, the knowledge and experience of the serving staff, and the understanding of the service based on the human being.