Outpatient Physiotherapy Unit

It is located on the 4th floor of our hospital's Fatih Haseki Additional Service Building Campus. It provides service 5 days a week, between 08.00-17.00. Outpatient Physical Therapy Unit provides service with 7 Specialist Doctors, 11 Physiotherapists and 4 Technicians. Pain relief methods such as TENS, diadynamic current, short wave diathermy, paraffin, laser fluidotherapy, vacuum, hotpack, interference current-vacuum, infrared, paraffin and therapeutic US, ESWT device, traction for the spine are applied in our unit. Electrical stimulation and therapeutic exercises are performed to strengthen the muscles. Physical therapy-rehabilitation and exercise practices are applied to the patients. There are 12 physical therapy cabins and 1 exercise room in our Physical Therapy Unit. There is also a hand exercise room for individuals with hand problems. Sessions last 30-60 minutes on average. In our unit, an average of 90-100 patients can be served daily.