Our City


 Istanbul is a city located in the Çatalca-Kocaeli Section of the Marmara Region in Turkey and one of the 81 provinces of Turkey. It is the country's ımmıgrant and most populated province in terms of population.

It is one of the leading cities in terms of economic, historical and socio-cultural aspects. The city ranks 34th in the world in terms of economic size. It ranks first in Europe and sixth in the world, according to the ranking made by considering the municipal boundaries in the list of cities according to population.

Istanbul is a transcontinental city and its part in Europe is called the European Side or the Rumeli Side, and the Asian part is called the Anatolian Side or the Asian Side.

The city has 39 districts. There are 40 municipalities in total, including the metropolitan municipality.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, its total population is 15 million 907 thousand 951 people.

For 1,600 years, Istanbul was the capital of the Byzantines, Romans and Ottomans. During this time, the city has experienced a total of 120 emperors and kings. The history of Istanbul is as long and eventful as hardly any other metropolis. Here is a summary of the history of a city that has always hosted a wide variety of cultures and religions.


The history of Istanbul can be divided into five major periods:

• Prehistoric times

• Establishment Period and Byzantion Period

• Constantinople period

• Constantinople period

• Istanbul period