Hakan Uğurlu, who was born in Kayseri in 1981,
graduated from Istanbul University Medical Laboratory in 2002.He continued his education life in 2004 with the Department of Biology at KSU. He completed his Philosophy education at AU in 2016 and Health Management education in 2019.He started her working life in the laboratories of Istanbul University in 2002,he worked as a Laboratory Technician in Istanbul Bağcılar Training and Research Hospital In 2007, he workedas the Hospital Quality and Efficiency Officer on SKS Quality, Efficiency and Accreditation  ın 2013. He continued his duty as the Coordinator in the Support and Quality Services Directorate in 2018 until 2022.As of 31.05.2022, he started to work as Assistant Manager in Istanbul Training & Research Hospital.He was appointed as Istanbul EAH Quality Management Director on 04.08.2022. He is married and has two children.