She was born in 1978 in Fatsa/Ordu. She completed her primary education in Kabataş/Ordu, her secondary education in Aybastı/Ordu, and her high school education in 70. Yıl Health Vocational High School Ünye/Ordu. She completed her associate degree in Anadolu University Open Education Faculty, Health Institutions Management, Laboratory and Veterinary Health Departments. She completed her undergraduate education at Anadolu University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration. She completed her undergraduate education at Istanbul University Open and Distance Education Faculty, Department of Emergency and Disaster Management. She completed her master's degree in Health Management at Nişantaşı University, Institute of Social Sciences. She continues her associate degree program at Anadolu University, Department of Justice. Between 2003-2007, she worked as a nurse in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital Orthopedics and Surgery Clinic. Between 02.01.2012 and 03.04.2012, she worked in the Primary Care Supervision Unit under Güngören Health Group Presidency. She worked as Assistant Head Nurse and Field Coordinator Nurse at Bayrampaşa State Hospital between 2012-2017. She has been working as the Support and Quality Services Manager at Istanbul Training and Research Hospital since 2017. She is married and mother of two children.