Vice - Chancellors



She was born in Istanbul, KARABAL graduated in 2014 from Bucharest Medical School, which she started in 2008. KARABAL, who graduated from the philosophy department with the Faculty of Medicine at the undergraduate level, also examined the health systems applied in England, Austria, Italy and Romania.

KARABAL has been working in the Hospital of Bezmialem Foundation University Faculty of Medicine since 2016-2017 and she continues her traditional and complementary medicine studies and she researches since 2008 with her doctorate program which is still continuing in the Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine at Health Sciences University.

KARABAL, who has been active in various positions in health, education and social services in various non-governmental organizations and she has been a manager, she has presented many presentations at national and international congresses. Good command of English, Ottoman Turkish, Arabic and Romanian